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President Of U of Alabama Says There Will Be A College Football Season In 2020

Big news here. 

Here is the quote:

“As we look forward to accomplishing another great fall semester welcoming back students and welcoming back our sports teams to be able to have competition.  Those are our plans and it’s a high bar and anticipates that we will be able to meet that,” Bell said.

The good news keeps coming in for the 2020 season being a go. 

As I've said every blog about this topic, I assume every single state with an FBS team has to be open for the 2020 season to happen. The big questions will be California and New York. California appears to slowly be opening:

New York is still under quarantine. The good news is that Syracuse is in upstate, not where the epicenter of the virus is. Rutgers reopening in the fall is a bigger question. We can't forget about Massachusetts or Connecticut. CT is starting to reopen on May 20th, but even if UConn wasn't open, it wouldn't be that big of a deal due to them being independent. Massachusetts may be the biggest deciding factor in this all. What happens if Boston College doesn't reopen? What would the ACC do? Hopefully, we don't get to that point. The trend that is currently emerging is a positive one.