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Chase Young Zooming With His Biggest Fan Will Absolutely Make Your Day

That's so freaking cute. I love Chase Young so much already. He's going to be a game changer both on and off the field. On the field obviously he's going to change this defense and the identity of the Skins by being a hall of famer. 

But off the field he's already changing the culture by doing things like the above. He saw this video of a young fan, also named Chase, going bananas after he was drafted

and was like "I need to meet my biggest fan" he did. I love that shit.

And young Chase sang Hail To The Redskins to Chase Young (cease and desist, by the way) and he'll never forget it. 

This is how faces of teams should act, and Chase Young is that dude. Plus he's going to get 12 sacks this season. That'll be great too.