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Okay On Second Thought, Maybe We Don't Need More Rollerblade Gangs In America Right Now

A few days ago I wrote this blog in hopes of inspiring a new wave of soul skaters to take over the streets of America. 

After just one post on the ol' Instagram machine, I regret to inform everybody that I am rebuking myself. We simply do not need more rollerblade gangs in 2020. Let's just pump the brakes here and wait until 2021 when we can afford to start filling up hospitals with fallen soldiers who tried to shred a little more than they could handle. Don't get me wrong--I'm all for a Full Send regardless of how ill-advised said Full Send would be. I mean there's just no world in which this mad lass could ever pull off jumping those steps without immediately having to cover herself head-to-toe in Neosporin afterwards. But she still went for it regardless, and I can appreciate that level of confidence. 

It's just that I don't feel like hospitals are necessarily in a position right now to handle a massive influx of patients coming in with their knees scraped to shit so let's just do the frontline workers a favor here and wait until 2021 for the Roller Revolution.