A Woman Is Suing Her Former Employer Because Her Commute To Work Caused Her To Have Anxiety

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NJ – A NJ woman with serious commuter anxiety is suing her former employer after her bosses wouldn’t change her work schedule so she could avoid rush hour. According to a report in the Courier-Post Andrea DeGerolamo of Berlin “began to feel great anxiety and depression, which was especially aggravated by crowded roadways experienced during the heavy traffic of rush hour,” the suit says. Her medical condition qualified her as being disabled, according to the legal papers. She took a medical leave in August 2012, and when she returned in November 2012, she asked if she could come to work after the morning rush and leave before the evening rush. According to her suit, such a request was reasonable given her disability. The company obliged her request, but changed her job, making it more clerical. DeGerolamo objected. On May 17 she was fired, according to the news report. DeGerolamo’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in Camden, claims that Fulton Financial’s actions violated the state’s Law Against Discrimination. She is seeking unspecified financial damages. Neither her attorney or Fulton Financial’s was available for comment, according to the report.


What a fucking hoot! Imagine if she sued successfully, holy cow, the world would crumble into itself. Guess what? Commuting is the worst fucking thing in the world. And before you croutons start chirping that I’m a blogger and don’t commute 1) you’re right, and it’s the best thing about my life, and 2) I have commuted before and it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I don’t even like driving as it is. One person changes lanes into you and fucks up your car and then the next thing you know you have to exchange insurance information and they’re blaming you and screaming at you on the side of the highway. Just not fun. Add in a morning commute in bumper to bumper traffic or a sweaty Metro train, and yea, 110/100 people have intense crazy high anxiety.

I’m not even blaming this woman for trying though. She thought she found a loophole out of commuting and she fucking went for it. Saw that glimmer of hope, that tiny sliver of happiness, and lunged for it with the power of 1000 suns. And she failed. Because if everyone else has to be miserable, she has to be miserable too. And that’s something I can get behind 100%.

Also, back to point 1 from before, I do commute. I sit at the downstairs table or the couch for work..and some days I can’t even do the commute from my bedroom to the couch. So people who get up at 6am and sit in traffic and then get bitched at by their cunt boss all day then sit in traffic on the way home, I feel for you. Nobody deserves that torture.