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Jon Taffer And Erika Nardini Nail Their Conversation About Life After Lockdown

A couple of folks who know a little bit about business and the demographics that they are describing. Interesting take from ole Jon that it will be the more affluent who stay at home longer. I'm interested to see how the cultural divide comes into play. I CANNOT WAIT to start calling people a pussy if they dont meet me at Target in the dollar bin area or if they refuse to ride in the golf cart with me. 

Yeah, Im talking about his Rick, you fucking pussy. I needed help getting that dresser home and the Governor of Texas said we are opening businesses back up. You know my back has issues and I've helped you move couches and all kinds of other shit. Well, not anymore. You can only use your kid's asthma so many times and I'm pretty sure you've already sent me that same picture of him on a "respirator" before. Take a new picture, you dick. And, that's a Vick's vapor rub machine, not a respirator. It's basically a cough drop version of an essential oil machine, you moron. Fuck you, Rick. You piece of selfish shit. 

Anyway, thanks to Erika and Jon for their insightful interview about where we go from here. As the old saying goes, fail to plan and you're planning to fail. 

I think I'll be in group 2. When that group finally feels ready, I'm gonna be running into my local Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Store like the Ultimate Warrior on his quest for victory. For when it comes to eating warm cookies, and our lack thereof, over the last few weeks, “Lost time is never found again.” —Benjamin Franklin -The Ultimate Warrior -Erika Nardini. Incredibly said by all but especially my boss... Erika who many are saying is the Benny Franklin of CEOs. Inventive, multitalented, and undeniably non-token. 

PS. Yeah, dude. I'm sucking up a bit. The economy isn't great. Gotta get on the good side like tickets for an early fall football game. Cover yourself with a little shade. That's all. No biggie.