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"Any Time He Tried To Fall In Love With Some Thot I'd Have Sex With Her Just To Let Him Know" - Gilbert Arenas Telling Uncensored NBA Stories Will Never Get Old

I don't know about you, but I could listen to Gilbert Arenas tell stories about his playing days for hours. Some players try and keep certain things under wraps when talking about their past, but not Arenas. Every single time this man is put in front of a camera or a microphone he brings the heat. I mean every part of that 9 minute video was highly entertaining. Poor Nick Young man. Remember the story he told last month about how Gilbert rubbed his expensive ass sunglasses on his nuts and then snapped them right in Swaggy P's face?

That's not even the worst of it. Any time Nick Young tried to make the most of his new found fame and money there came Gilbert to steal his girl. Good to know he never fucked with his actual girlfriends though. That's a veteran who cares. Had to make sure Nick Young didn't fall in love with the wrong woman and the best way to do that was for him to have sex with her instead. Find a hole in that logic. Essentially Gilbert Arenas was assuming the burden of having sex with all of Swaggy P's jersey chasers. What a standup guy. 

I can only imagine how much it sucked to be Nick Young during those Wizards years, not just because Arenas was making his life hell, but they also weren't very good. I stand by my request from a few weeks ago that we NEED a 10 part documentary on the Gilbert Arenas Era Wizards. Think of how many stories there are like this and how much more in detail we can get. I know we're all in love with The Last Dance at the moment, but I think that Wizards one would be even better. Think of how we all reacted to "Cocaine Circus", that wouldn't scratch the surface when talking about those Wizards teams.

It should also be said that not only is Gilbert Arenas an all time storyteller, the dude was NASTY on the court before his knees went to shit. It's not like he was some scrub and talks all this shit years later, dude was a problem