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No Need To Guess This Ass ... It's Georgina Rodriguez And She's Determined To Get Her No. 1 Instagram Spot Back

No need to play the guessing game here, this is Georgina Rodriguez aka Ronaldo's girlfriend. She's in the middle of a FIERCE rivalry for Spain's No. 1 queen on Instagram with Ester Exposito 

How do you get that No. 1 spot back on Spain's Instagram? You title 'clothes in the air' as you just let your ass hang out. I'm not complaining. It's just a great tactic. It's like Jordan putting on weight vs the Pistons. It's like LeBron adding more consistency to his jumper. It's Happy learning how to putt. You go for the throat. 

Wonder if she knew guess that ass was back on Barstool. I'm not ruling it out. Dante's blog was up on the pageviews for days. She knows if you get to Barstool, you get Instagram followers and then you get the top spot. Good to see a star like her does her chores in her underwear just like me!