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The Crease Dive's "Did You Know That Chris Hogan Used To Play Lacrosse?" Episode Featuring Chris Hogan

Ladies and gentlemen....we got him. 

After years of desperate attempts to get him on the show, Chris Hogan finally had nothing better to do than to hop on the podcast and chop it up about some lax with the fellas. And after years of speculation, the truth finally came out straight from the source himself. 

Please credit The Crease Dive on this breaking news. If you don't, there are about 17,000 lax dads out there who are lawyers and we will have no problem with hiring one of them to sue your ass into Bolivian. 

On this week's episode we get into talking lax with Belichick, the road to the NFL, and that Sunday Night Football player intro. And for the rest of the episode, we discuss Sowers to Duke and the coaching hires at Hopkins and Cornell. 

Listen to S3E13 of The Crease Dive here on iTunes:

Listen to S3E13 of The Crease Dive here on Spotify: 

Have yourselves a weekend, everybody.