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How Much Trevor Lawrence And Zion Williamson Would've Made Under New NCAA NIL Rule

The NCAA slowly seems to be getting their shit together after announcing they plan to let players profit off of their name, image and likeness. Will they mess this up? I'm sure, but I do have hope. 

I do feel a bit bad for players of the past, like Zion Williamson, who lost out on a lot of money during their college career from advertisements. How much could have Zion, or a Trevor Lawrence, made? The CEO of Opendorse, a company that helps athletes advertise on social media, broke it down:

SOURCE-Blake Lawrence (CEO, Opendorse) crunched some numbers for Yahoo Sports in a phone interview on Wednesday and concluded Trevor Lawrence could make more than a half-million off of social media endorsements alone this season. Trevor Lawrence has nearly 500,000 Instagram followers and 81,000 Twitter followers. He came up with the monetary answer by calculating the engagement rate on each feed. For an Instagram post, Trevor Lawrence could make $16,000. For a Twitter post, it would be about $1,100 per post. He estimated 12 interested local businesses and 50 total posts.

25 posts on Instagram and 25 on Twitter comes out to $427,500. He mentions local businesses, but Trevor is a national name, so I'm sure he could advertise national brands for more money as well. 

For Zion?

(For Zion's value) multiple millions of dollars for certain. He’s the anomaly (AJ Maestas of Navigate Research estimates $2 million for a clear college one-and-done headed to a high-end NBA career.) This question is also complicated, as Zion Williamson’s experience has showed. As a once-a-decade type player, there’s no overstating Williamson’s value. The tricky question for the elite athletes will be when they should sign higher-profile deals."

Time to let these players get the bag. Yes, they've been paid illegally forever, but let's open up the flood gates doors and save the NCAA as we know it.