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Window Washers Went For A HORRIFYING Ride Down In Windy Miami Today

That's gonna be a big ol nope for me. My palms are drenched after watching that and I'm sitting on my couch in New York City. What are those fellas doing up there at a time like this anyway? Who needs those windows washed so bad during a global pandemic? I don't care how much rent those people pay. And on a super windy day no less? I think people can deal with dirty windows for the next couple of months instead of making people risk their lives just so they can see the beach. And if you are gonna wash the windows, I suggest checking the forecast before you go 50 stories up on a floating platform. How did neither one of them hurl when the platform floated 15 feet away from the building? Did either one of them cry or shit their pants? Theses are the questions I would like answered because I would've gone 3 for 3 on the puke/cry/shit trifecta if I were in that situation.