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Recommended: The Struts ft. Yarol - Rebel Rebel (Live in Paris 2019)

God, I fucking love The Struts.

'Rebel Rebel' is one of my favorite songs ever written. There may not be a single guitar riff in the history of rock n' roll that gets me going like the first few bars of this one, and it's just one of those timeless classics that'll never go out of style. 

Here, Luke Spiller - the best frontman I've seen in the "new guard" of rock n' roll - leads The Struts (and special guest guitarist Yarol Poupaud) through a tremendous rendition of the tune, where halfway thru he hops down into the crowd to sing with them in a manner I think his idol Freddie Mercury would've been proud of! It's tremendous. I hope you enjoy!

Check out The Struts debut record here...