There's a #PeeYourPantsChallenge on Tik Tok and the Fall of Civilization is Back on Schedule

Know Your Meme - Pee Your Pants Challenge refers to a social media trend participants of which record themselves urinating into their pants. While a number of TikTok users uploaded videos of wetting their pants, more users either faked the challenge, twisted it in humorous ways or reacted to videos made by other people.


Prior to April 18th. 2020, TikTok user liamw2 uploaded a video of himself saying "pee your pants challenge" and urinating into his pants. On April 21st, 2020, liamw2 reuploaded[1] the video, commenting that the original post was removed by TikTok. The reupload received over 157,500 views and 5600 likes in one week.

Here's the challenge about growing older, especially when you express yourself for a living. It becomes all about the challenge of keeping up with the relevant popular culture. The zeitgeist. It gets harder as you go along. For instance, at a certain age you start to recognize fewer and fewer of the people onstage at the American Music Awards. And you like the acts on "Saturday Night Live" less and less. And that's only natural. It's a circle of life thing. But try to remind myself that not all the music I liked when I was in my 20s was The Clash or peak Springsteen. There was a lot of dreck in there like A-Ha. And I try to remember the look on my mother's face when I saw DEVO's SNL debut as she tried to process why her baby boy was so into these weirdos. Mostly you try to keep up the best you can without going full Buscemi.

And I think I've done a solid job. I've managed well enough to stay plugged in while to current events while still appreciating the quality of the stuff I grew up on. For instance, last weekend I did a Netflix Party with three great friends remotely watching "Lethal Weapon." (And goddamn, does that still hold up.) But I have just as much respect for the "It's Always Sunny" version of "Lethal Weapon." In other words, I've been hanging in there, and holding out as long as I could before life and the culture completely pass me by for good. And I achieve that permanent state of the irrelevant, out-of-touch old that no one ever comes back from.

And it's finally happened. This is it. When guys are going on Tik Tok to pee themselves for nothing the satisfaction that comes from Tik Tok pee pants fame, I'm out. Give me a cardigan, turn the heat up to 90, stick me in a chair in front of "Murder She Wrote" and Wilford Brimley diabeetus commericals and pour me an Old Fashioned. I no longer understand the world I'm living in. 

From my dad's time, where the big challenge was defeating worldwide fascism, to today, where the challenge is pissing yourself on camera, all in the span of two generations. 

As I started to write this, part of me thought maybe I shouldn't post these clips because these are obviously just dumb, naive kids and this will stay with them forever. But then I realized it's my duty to. I owe it to the greater good and I owe it to them. Your most idiotic behaviors should stay with you so you can learn and grow. Otherwise you repeat them. It won't help their chances of getting into a top medical school any, but do you want to get your laser eye surgery from someone who didn't have the good sense not to whizz all over his mom's bathroom floor for the entertainment of total strangers? For that matter, do you want a woman you care about dating one of these guys and maybe someday bearing their children? Hell no. I'm doing us all a favor here. 

So this is it for me. The #PeeYourPantsChallenge is my bridge too far. From now on, I'm just going to accept that I held out as long as I could but the human race has finally evolved beyond my capacity to understand it. From now on, consider your pal Old Balls to be this lady. 

I'll check back with you all when the #PoopYourPantsChallenge starts trending. I give it a week.