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Here Are The Highlights From Dana White's Reddit AMA Yesterday

UFC President Dana White - everybody's favorite goof - held a Reddit AMA yesterday in the r/MMA subreddit, and he put on a performance that could've earned him a bonus in the cage with how funny some of his answers were…like the one above. 

Here's some of the highlights…

I love how self aware to all of the MMA Twitter memes he is. Hearing the UFC President talk about GOOFCON levels, or how much he looks like a tomato or bringing up his now infamous quote, "We don't vote 'em off…we beat 'em off!", will always crack me up. Also, if you've listened to all of the Dana White appearances on My Mom's Basement, you got the inside scoop to a lot of those questions months ago! 

Call me a bootlicker, call me a nuthugger, call me whatever - this is why Dana's the best. I'm sorry, it just is! Goodell ain't goin on Reddit and calling anyone fuckface any times soon, and neither is Bettman, Silver, or whoever else you got running your league.