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MTV Legend Tom Green Joined Us For Today's Spittin' Chiclets And He Was Hilarious

While I enjoy the hell out of interviewing hockey players for Spittin' Chiclets, I particularly dig it when we have people from other fields on. Getting to talk puck with folks like Jon Hamm and Bill Burr and Joe Buck for work makes me pinch myself. But 20+ years ago when me and the boys would hot-box Scooter's room to see what antics Tom Green was up to, never did I think that some day I'd be interviewing this wacko humping a dead moose on the side of a highway.

Alas, life is funny. 

A few weeks back, when Biz asked if we were interested in having Green on Chiclets as a guest, I jumped at the chance. In addition to being interesting and funny, he's also a pioneer of sorts as he hosted an internet show way back in 2006 (which feels like the Jurassic Era today). Then when you throw in the comedy, movies, and directing he did, I was pretty psyched to talk to him. Little did I know, he was gonna break it down for us.

We also brought my boy Barstool Chief on to discuss the state of the Hawks as well. Enjoy the entire episode here...