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I Spent 15 Minutes Trying To Think Of A Title For This Blog And This Is What I Came Up With

Every day at 2pm I write about what's on my mind. Honestly today is much like the rest of the week, and the only things on my mind are depressing. Loneliness, the fear of the unknown, the "new normal" and if/when we'll get back to how life used to be, and all those other fleeting thoughts that keep you up at night. Not fun! But it's that weird sort of comforting that everyone having these feelings isn't alone. 

I've also come to realize pretty much everyone is fucked up. Not necessarily from this, but in general. The saying "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about" could not be more true. Everyone has something going on that they hide that you know nothing about. It sucks but life is hard, man. 

But for some positivity, there's still a lot of great shit going on in the world. I think people have realized none of us are getting out of this alive and maybe we won't take so many things for granted when we get out of this mess. I think rationally we know that within a year we'll be back on our same bullshit, but maybe? Maybe we can be like, 3% better? 

Also speaking of %s, did you see what TWTR did today? Earnings call at 8am, stock went from 30 to 35 right after it, and then their CFO got on TV and was like "yeah idk, I don't think we're going to make any money this quarter" and now the stock is down 10% on the day. They beat earnings but the CFO plummeted it. I can't believe he didn't get fired on the spot. The earnings call was over! The stock was up! And the CFO kamikazied it for no reason. Unbelievable.  

A couple questions from Twitter:

Sup? I can't really recommend playing on any site outside of Nevada, Delaware, NJ, or PA. Those are the only states with regulated online poker. The rest of them are a mess. The one I was playin on was a god damn glitchy disaster on Sunday.

A misdeal? Online? The fuck is going on here? 

Online poker right now is booming. The fields have never been bigger since 2011. Unfortunately in unregulated states you're dealing with off-shore sites where you are facing all sorts of software, security, and bots issues. If you want to play online I'd recommend tournaments over cash games, but just be careful and don't put on more money than you can lose.

Yeah. Pretty crazy. I'm not ready to call it a victory quite yet though. For example I still can imagine a scenario where I wake up in the morning to find out Ron Rivera resigned because he doesn't feel it's the right fit or something like that. Like just out of nowhere, I don't know. I'm not ready to say everything has all of a sudden changed after 2 decades. I need to see it to believe it.

It's all every young man who grew up in the DC area has ever wanted in life. It's like getting onto SNL or doing standup on Letterman, but times a million. Maybe one day I'll get the call to be on the Beltway Blitz. Maybe one day.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Check on your friends. Today's episode of Cracking Aces is one of the best yet. High level poker talk, stock market talk, private bars in NYC only the super famous know about, and more. Appreciate anyone who checks it out.