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Thomas Bjorn Tried To Film An At-Home Golf Tip And Ended Up Smashing A Window

That made me feel real real good. I'm not happy that Thomas Bjorn broke his window but at the same time I'm happy that Thomas Bjorn broke his window. It tells me that every golfer is rusty and that rustiness extends all the way to professional golfers. It tells me that there's going to be a learning curve for everyone when we're allowed to golf again. Sure some states are still allowing people to golf all they want but there's a lot of states that aren't, and those of us who haven't played in months are gonna be in big trouble. I already really suck at golf. 

I hope we see the rust on some of the PGA Tour players whenever the next tournament is. There won't be as much rust as I would like because a) they're pro golfers and they don't just lose their games like that and b) all of them have likely been hitting balls and/or playing golf during quarantine but I still hope we see more shanks than usual. That'd be a nice little post-quarantine wrinkle.