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The New Assassin's Creed Trailer About Vikings Looks Better Than 90% Of Movies

THEVERGE - Ubisoft has officially announced the next game in its long-running Assassin’s Creed series: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which adds vikings to the world’s preeminent historical murder simulator. There are not a lot of details for Valhalla just yet — Ubisoft has only released an initial teaser image (created in a live stream by artist Kode Abdo, also known as Bosslogic). But the promotional art shows off the Norse-inspired setting for the upcoming game, including a bearded, grizzled viking warrior wielding an axe that definitely isn’t Kratos from 2018’s God of War.

Another year, another Assassin's Creed drop of an EPIC where the footage looks absolutely incredible.  Odyssey, Origins, even Assassin's Creed III with the American Revolution all looked like absolute game changers in the trailers.  Did they hold up? Depends who who you ask.  Just looked up that AC III got a 94% approval rating and while, yes, talking to Ben Franklin in a pub about bagging ol' bags is fun, it was just a tad bit repetitive for my tastes.   We'll see if Valhalla holds water.

Regardless, it still blows my mind you can basically watch all the cut scenes from games and the storyline will be better than your average movie.  Check out The Last Of Us as a film (one of the greatest games in recent history) and tell me this isn't worthy of all the awards.