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A Cincinnati Woman Went Grocery Shopping Wearing A Goddamn Bird Beak To Keep People 6 Feet Away

*Extreme Billy Madison voice* Lady, you're scaring us. 

I get that you want to social distance. I get that you don't want people within 6 feet of you. But here's an idea. Don't go to Jungle Jim's. Fucking just do curbside pickup from any grocery store like a normal person. And FOR SURE don't wear a goddamn bird beak like you're about to show up for an orgy if you have to go inside. 

Why can't people just be fucking normal? Is that such a difficult request? And I understand that normal isn't normal right now. But if you have to go to the grocery store, slap on a regular mask, go get your shit and then wash your hands. If you show up with a bird mask and this contraption you are the asshole. 

Oh and she says she wants to walk around her neighborhood wearing this?

"I think instead of taking walks around my neighborhood, I will take dramatic walks around my neighborhood."

I can't think of a bigger asshole than someone going on 'dramatic walks.' Actually someone just saying they are going to go on dramatic walks sucks. But if you actually do this, while wearing this outfit in a neighborhood you are just the worst. I can't wait for people to just be normal. 

At least she did some good out of this and made masks for people. I'll give her credit there, that's awesome