Another Clip From The Alex Smith Documentary: "We Were In Life Saving Mode And Leg Saving Mode...In That Order" (Slightly Graphic Video Warning)

****Just to be warned, if you aren't great with gory pictures, some of the pictures of Alex Smith's leg are a bit graphic, like something you'd see in a movie.*****

Alright so by now if you weren't aware, a documentary about Alex Smith's recovery from his terrible leg injury will be airing tomorrow. The way he battled back through 17 surgeries is awe-inspiring, but learning the details of the recovery is going to be absolutely riveting. I'm not fully prepared, but I know I'm going to cry.

I remember back when this happened, there were NO updates for quite a long time. Then I got a DM saying that Alex was currently fighting for his life because of an infection, and it was a credible DM, but I didn't want to share it or tweet it 1) in case it wasn't true, and 2) because if he was fighting for his life, I didn't want to be the person who broke that news. It's just too personal. I mean imagine your significant other is in a life or death situation and someone you don't know tweets it ? There's something that rubs me the wrong way about that. Eventually someone else in DC media did tweet it and knowing what we know now, I'm even more glad I didn't. Why does everyone need to know every detail of someone else's life if they don't want to share it? No thanks.

So tomorrow night let's all be inspired by Alex Smith. I've shared this blog a couple times this week, but by all accounts he is an incredible human being and I'm so glad he has recovered to the point he can be on the field doing whatever he can.