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The Rumors Are True: Barstool Sports Will Be Airing A Rough N Rowdy FOR FREE Tonight At 9 PM

The rumors are true. We will be airing a Rough N Rowdy tonight at 9 pm for FREE everywhere you consume Barstool content. I don't know which fight it will be, but I guarantee it'll be entertaining. A perfect way to waste a few hours on a Saturday night in quarantine. 

Looking back the entire experience was insane. Shout out to Caleb, Rone, Hank, Tom Leigh and everyone else who helped me promote the fight. It was one of things things where you didn't realize what was happening until it was over. 

These are the only clips I've ever seen of my fight...

The Gay Giraffe lives on.

PS: Iconic. 

See you tonight at 9 pm, will be in the chat starting around 10 pm after Rone kicks things off…