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Professor Encourages Student Whose Father Died Of Coronavirus To Attend Her Zoom Lecture To "Take Her Mind Off Things" On The Day Of The Funeral

Yikes! That is NOT the response you expect from a professor when you email them letting them know you will be at your dad's funeral. What a completely absurd response. Come to the Zoom meeting because it could "take your mind off things" thinking so highly of yourself that you think your lecture on "Learning Catalytics" is the optimal way for a young girl to take her mind off a funeral. Like what kind of response was the professor expecting back? "Oh thank you professor for holding the Zoom meeting, I'll be sure to whip out my iPad right at the grave to take my mind off things". So absurd. 

And not just that, the same professor also refuses to give an extension on a project because well, you read it...

"There are many who are having difficult times". YEAH, MAYBE BECAUSE OF SHIT HEADS LIKE YOU.

God damn some people are just miserable fucking human beings. Saige didn't call out who the professor is, but I assume it will come out eventually. What an asshole. I hope this is some sort of giant misunderstanding or something, I don't even know, because as it reads it's one of the most, if not THE MOST, tone deaf string of replies I've ever seen.