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The Barstool Sports Instagram Account Has Caused A Populist Revolt Because Of The "I Am Snacking" Video

It all started on April 12th. 

The video was done by India Gants, a recent winner of America's Next Top Model. She went on TikTok and made some jokes about all the snacks she was "snacking" on during quarantine. Not the funniest video, but still gave the Barstool Sports IG account some awesome engagement. 

Upwards of 10 videos are posted a day on Barstool Sports Instagram page. Most aren't talked about the next day, let alone 2 weeks down the road. This video, though? It caused a revolt. 

Look at any video from the past 2 weeks on our Instagram page and you will see comments like this:

A petition started for the video to be taken down:

Not because of anything serious, but just because people hated the video THAT much.

Everything then changed yesterday (April 29th), when we REPOSTED the video. SAVAGE. 

Barstool Sports was BACK to snacking!

The revolution will NOT be televised. It's in the Instagram comments. When will the powers that be delete the I Am Snacking video? Never? THE COMMON MAN MUST RISE AGAINST IT.