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How Old Is Too Old To Abbreviate Words In A Text?

It has recently been brought to my attention that I type like a baby. More specifically the abbreviations I use are that of a thirteen year old girl. I'll admit, I let the "lol's omg's and wtf's" fly, but I thought everyone did? Or am I just too old to be doing that? The only abbreviation that I'm truly embarrassed about is "ur."  Every time I type it I cringe, but I can't seem to break the habit. Which begs the question - how old is too old to be using an abbreviation? For the most part I feel like it depends on the situation. If I'm texting my buddies I'll be much less careful than if I'm texting someone from work. The type of abbreviation also matters. So I put together a list of what age you should stop using what abbreviation. Here you go...

Ur (you are/your) = immediately  

Btw (by the way) =  26 

brb (be right back) = 19

lol (laugh out loud) = mid 40s

omg (oh my god) = 25

kk (okay, cool) =  34

wtf (what the fuck) = 32

gg (got to go) =  29

smh (shake my head) = 25

lmao (laughing my ass off) = 25 

rotfl (rolling on the floor laughing) = in utero 

nvm (never mind) = never 

yolo (you only live once) = 15 

stfu (shut the fuck up) = 21

lmk (let me know) = 30

ty (thank you) = 20

bbl (be back later) = the year1998

ttyl (talk to you later) = 16

jk (just kidding) = 22 

^ Those are the main ones that people use and the ages they should stop. And if you're wondering where I got those numbers, don't. I made them all up. Just know that those are now the rules and if you break them there will be consequences. The bottom line is the older you get, the less you should be using abbreviations. TYFYT (thank you for your time)!