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Emily Ratajkowski Is Putting WHAT On Her Skin During The Coronavirus Quarantine?!?!?!

PAGESIX - Not everyone’s skin is thriving during lockdown. Emily Ratajkowski admitted during a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories that her complexion “freaked out” at the start of quarantine, and she’s switching up her skincare routine to combat the changes. One of the key products for that the model, 28, said she uses is Cosrx’s Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence, which boasts 96 percent snail mucin, a powerful ingredient that claims to “aid in skin repair, hydration, brightness and tone” of the skin. Though it may seem like a slimy mess, snail secretion is actually very popular in the skincare community, particularly in Korean beauty products.

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Em!!!  SNAIL MUCUS?!?!?  Yuckie!!! I guess!  Maybe not!  It obviously works for Emily during the quarantine, so why not?!?!? Good for her for discovering a new sticky, slimy mucin that is great for the skin while in lockdown!  Down with Covid-19!  Up with using snail mucus with aiding the repair, hydration, brightness and tone of the skin! Keep fighting the good fight, Em!!!

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