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Nick & KB Take On PFT & Brandon In Trivia, Do They Stand A Chance? Live Trivia At 11 AM!

We got a good one today, folks! Who do you think is gonna win?

PFT & Brandon are 1-1 after getting fucking demolished by Tommy Smokes and Barstool Radio caller Will from Denver on Tuesday morning...

The matchup between PFT & Brandon and KB & Nick will be pretty solid because the ANUS boys are being joined by Barstool Radio Big If True caller Pat from Columbia. He's a stud in trivia and one of our longtime callers, so I expect big things from him this morning. Here's a little breakdown of the matchup:

PFT & Brandon: sports, things from the 1980s and 1990s, pop culture, television, music, geography
KB, Nick & Pat: pop culture, geography, history, bizarre facts, restaurants, brands, cities & capitals, movies

PFT & Brandon: keeping composure, over-thinking, Jollibee
KB, Nick & Pat: people thinking they're going to always be "doing a bit"

1. Brandon and PFT will square off in a 12 round trivia challenge against two Barstool employees
2. The challenging team will also get a Stoolie/Barstool fan as their third teammate
3. Each round both teams will get separate questions in the same category
- EX: If the category is football, both teams will get equally difficult/easy football-related questions
- Categories will range from sports to movies, music, TV, geography, history, and more
4. A correct answer gives each team one point, a wrong answer gives the other team a chance to steal
- The timer has yet to be determined, but roughly 30 seconds for a question, 10 seconds for a steal
5. The team with the most points at the end of Round 12 wins the game
6. A closest guess tie-breaker, with a simultaneous guess, will break any ties

Tune in here on the Barstool Sports website and on Twitter (PFT, LCB, Brandon, KB, Nick accounts, etc.) at 11|10c this morning!

Feel free to re-watch the first few episodes (the Smitty episode was fucking insanity):