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Former Mafia Captain, Michael Franzese, Talks About Michael Jordan's Gambling, His Father, And Why Jordan "Retired" In 1993

The Jordan talk starts at about the 1:15 mark

We are approaching episodes 5 and 6 of the Michael Jordan doc. In the timeline of events so far it feels like these two episodes should be focused on the 1992 Dream Team, the Finals wins over the Blazers and Suns, and then possibly his gambling, retirement, and the death of Jordan's father. Many people think those three things are directly related. Count former Colombo Mafia family captain, Michael Franzese as one of those people. This interview is a year old now, but obviously feels very relevant again as we continue with this documentary

I am very interested to see how deep and honest Jordan and everyone in the documentary talks about MJ's gambling. It's an open secret. People know what he loves competiting and gambling and had action on a lot of things. There's also golf course legends of MJ stiffing people so you could make the leap that he wasn't the best at paying up. 

Franzese had another interview with Mike Tyson where told a story about MJ's gambling and competitiveness

fast forward to the 3:00 mark

The perfect MJ story. He doesn't care that it was only 5 bucks. You better pay him because he wants that satisfaction. It fuels him. It gets him off. I've heard MJ give quotes about why he stepped away from basketball. He said it was essentially because he was bored and felt like he had nothing left to prove in the NBA. I find that very hard to believe. A guy who wants the $5 from a ping pong game is going to get bored of beating people at his chosen profession at the very highest of levels? I don't know. Feels like there should be more to that story. Hopefully we get it.