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Picks, Lags, and Burgers: USC Moves to 11-0 After Doubleheader Sweep

Duggs Nation. Exhale. That was a doubleheader that included just about everything you can think of. Let's start from the top: Chaz Kyle continued to show off his Jameis Winston qualities. 

Game 2 vs. Stanford turned into the Lag Bowl:

But thankfully, Pete came to the rescue and helped fix that. And last but not least, Coach Duggs capped off the night with a BURGER:

After all of that, the top team in the nation resides in Hollywood. 

The top team in the nation is the one with Coach Gus Duggerton on its sideline. 

The top team in the nation is now 11-0, one win away from a perfect regular season. Coach Duggs is hungry for more though, and the regular season finale @ UCLA is next (most likely Friday).

Whenever kick off for rivalry week is, you can watch it right here. It's time for the home stretch of Hollywood Duggs' journey: