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Double Duggs Bus: USC Preps For Crucial Two-Game Stretch Tonight

It's the biggest double header in Coach Gus Duggerton's illustrious college football coaching career. 

And it takes place tonight.

The No. 3 USC Trojans (9-0) host a pair of opponents this evening to try and build up on some momentum as the postseason nears. 

First up, the Arizona Wildcats take the trip up to Hollywood and pull off the upset vs. the Trojans. After Coach Duggs attempts to take them down, it's a humongous test against Stanford. The biggest thing to watch out for from the Cardinal? Star running back C̶h̶r̶i̶s̶t̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶M̶c̶C̶a̶f̶f̶r̶e̶y̶ whatever simulated name the computer comes up with. Personally, I'm looking forward to the blame that Coach Duggs places on his DC when the aforementioned running back goes off for a run or two.

The fun begins at 8:30 with the doubleheader. It's crunch time for the Trojans.