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"They Act Like I'm Not In Full Control Of Where I Throw This Cooch" - Kendall Jenner Had An A+ Response To The Haters About Being With Devin Booker

Now that is an A+ response to the trolls out there making jokes about how Kendall Jenner is getting passed around by every NBA player under the sun. Sure her roster is impressive, but I'm with Kendall on this one. She's not being passed around the league by players, she's doing the passing. She's simply upgrading her model. Early days with Blake, but then he kept getting hurt so it was onto the next. Found a new shiny model in Ben Simmons but then realized he's mostly a lemon due to his inability to shoot or go deep in the playoffs. Can't have that, her cooch deserves better apparently. Remember, it was that cooch that got Ben Simmons to come back to her even after she stepped out on him. Now she's moving on to an All Star talent in Devin Booker. That's the game. If anything I'd be happy as a Sixers fan given the curse that clearly exists surrounding that team and the Kardashian/Jenners.

But I guess a congratulations is also in order for Devin Booker. What a year for the guard. Make his first All Star team, have another All NBA caliber season and now this. I mean it's pretty clear he smashed. You're jealous, I'm jealous, we're all jealous. How could you not be? Kendall Jenner is one of the hottest women on the planet, rich as fuck, and apparently down to fuck. Doesn't get much better than that.

OK, this is where I stop talking because you're not here for me. I'm not even here for me