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Mother Nature Is Rad As Shit And Bioluminescent Waves Are Her Coolest Creation Yet

Okay so a little confession here, I'm not much of a science guy. So the actual science and biology that goes into this is way out of my realm of understanding and I'm just going to consider it magic. But from what I've gathered, this happens when a bunch of microscopic organisms all come together in the same spot and these organisms have the ability to make their own light as some sort of defense mechanism. So when the organisms are getting thrashed around in the waves, they just start going berserk and light themselves up like crazy. And since there are so many of them in the same spot together, you've got entire waves that are glowing blue. 

And it's fucking awesome. 

I'd say it's an all-time lock for the Mount Rushmore of rad things to witness. Just one of those things that make you realize the world is awesome and that there's so much out there that you have absolutely no idea about. You've got your life and you probably have a daily routine. Every once in a while you break out of that daily routine for a little bit of adventure but your version of adventure is probably heading to a local brewery for an afternoon. Which is a great time, no doubt, but then you fall into a rabbit hole of bioluminescent waves one day and you quickly realize there is so much this world has to offer that you've never seen before. 

Anyway, the moral of the story is that mother nature is cool as shit and she is 100% a stoner. Not a chance she came up with bioluminescent waves without sparking up first.