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Two Lucky Bastards In England Got Quarantined In A Pub With A Bunch Of Beer And Some Sort Of Golf Game

[The Sun] - With no customers, the two bored lads have been biding their time playing games of crazy golf and having BBQs on the roof in the sunny weather.

He said: "We've ended up as friends ... It's been nice. We can't complain. We've got fresh beer on tap."

Riggs went to England? Because this sounds a lot like how Riggs has been spending quarantine, just in a bar instead of one of the nicest courses in America. Not jealous or anything. I love my basement. I sure don't miss golfing. Sure would hate to play Pinehurst a bunch of times. 

How about these guys though? Just having a grand old time shooting the shit sitting in a bar. Not only that but they created some pub golf game. Do you know how much of a delight that sounds? I posed a question when quarantine all started about what would be the ideal, realistic setting for your lockdown. I think this is up there. I thought the ideal number is to be quarantined with 3 other people. Enough that you can hang out, small enough that you get your alone time and it's not 1 on 1 so you don't want to murder your roommate (looking at you Pat). 

This does feel a bit like a shitty sitcom that I would watch every week on DVR though. I can hear the laugh track in the background as something goes wrong with a shot. Hopefully this show includes guys, oh, I don't know, named Doug and Deacon and they live in Queens. Instant must-watch tag for me then if that would happen. 

I'll tell you what, the rooftop bbq is the real selling point though. Sure, the beer and golf is nice. But toss in the fact you even have a rooftop and that's just an added bonus. I assume it's nice like 8 days a year in England or it doesn't rain 8 days a year there. Gotta take advantage to drink on a rooftop when you can.

Lucky bastards.