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Bulletproof Breast Saves Toronto Woman's Life & Could Be the Next Line of Defense for Soldiers

On today's Hard Factor News, it's WTF Wednesday, where the listeners control the show by submitting stories to cover, and the Hardo Hive never disappoints.  

Last week, a Canadian Medical Journal released a story from a freak accident that happened in 2018, where a woman had her life saved by a pair of modern medicine's greatest attributes to God's greatest gift, fake boobies.  Old, yes.  But, any time good news to promote the decision in favor of getting breast implants comes along, it's worth reporting.  

I know what you're thinking... how could something so gross looking produce something so marvelous?  

My pop always says, "You never want to see how the sausage gets made." and "it's what's on the outside that counts." Wise words. 

Anyway, back to the bulletproof boobies.  A 30-year-old Toronto woman was walking down the street when she suddenly felt a rush of heat and pain in her chest.  When she saw blood coming from her left tit, she took herself to the hospital where they discovered a bullet lodged in her silicone implant.  The woman was shocked to find out she had been shot, and for the doctors, shocked to find out that the implants were what stopped the bullet from piercing her heart.  

An army of these women could be unstoppable...

Sage, a Canadian Medical Journal, published this story and included some crazy pictures of the gunshot wound, the removal of the implant and bullet, and the Xrays. A report from ABC 7 says that there have been few reports of saline implants slowing down bullets, but nothing of a silicone implant stopping one or altering the path.  

The gunshot broke the victim's rib and damaged not only the left implant but the right as well.  She has since recovered and was given a free tune-up.  

Get the full story covered on today's episode of Hard Factor News (and below) and hear more like it Monday - Friday.

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