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According To Brett Favre, "All Rodgers Needed Was A Reason" To Play Somewhere Else

This, THIS is exactly what I was afraid of. 

Rich Eisen couldn't even finish asking Brett Favre the question! Before he could even get the terrifying part out of his mouth, Favre blurted out the words I've been dreading to hear from someone who may actually know what the fuck he's talking about:

"I think he'll play somewhere else."

Eisen: "You think he will not end his career a Green Bay Packer, just like you?"

Favre: "My gut tells me no. You know Tom Brady, myself, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning - just to name a few - finished their careers elsewhere. And in my case, I played for 4 different teams. I think you're gonna see that trend more and more and I think Aaron will finish somewhere else. That's my gut.

I guarantee you this, and I don't know this for certain, but I guarantee you, it's got the wheels turning in Aaron's mind. Which, if that's the case, then that means there's a chip on his shoulder towards the organization that otherwise was not there. All he needs is a reason, other than this reason, to expedite that." 

Mother fucker. 

The moment the Packers picked Jordan Love, I knew this is where we would end up. How could we not? The organization just slapped him clear across the face, not only by moving up to select Love, but by not taking A SINGLE RECEIVER the entire draft. Not one! Not even a shitty one just to say they did it!

"IF" lollll??? There is no "if." The message was loud and crystal clear: we care more about our future, Jordan Love, than we do you, Aaron Rodgers, our present. 

Well, it didn't take long because that point is now. Maybe Rodgers isn't leaving today, maybe he won't be traded next year or even the year after that, but the effects of that absolutely infuriating and idiotic decision are being felt right now and will be felt every single day as long as #12 wears green and gold. 

The happy-go-lucky locker room of 2019 was just a temporary vision, a thing of the past. Now practices and games are going to be festering pools of rumors and gossip. "Did Rodgers give Love a dirty look?" "Love was talking to Rodgers and #12 appeared to just walk away in the middle of a sentence" "Rodgers had a bad game… is it time to hand over the reins?" 

I thought it was bad during the Favre-Rodgers years, but now - in the age of social media where every Tom, Dick, and Harry throws their useless opinions out there for the masses - it's going to be absolutely brutal and completely unstoppable. 

I hate it all.