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Jameis Winston Was Playing (& Driving) Blind For The Past 5 Years

This is truly remarkable.

I get in high school not being able to fix your eyes. Same thing with college. Money is tight, but once you get into the NFL? Come on Jameis!!!! You can't see, buddy!!! How did it take 5 years to come to this realization?

It's kind of remarkable he still threw for 30 TDs and 5000 yards while not being able to see. Yeah, he threw 30 INTs, but is that really his fault? His eyes! They didn't work!

What does this mean for the future? Well, Jameis is onto the Saints. He signed a $1 million contract:

Chad Henne, who I had no idea was still in the league, will make more than Jameis next year. Matt Schaub will be making more than him too. THat's another guy I didn't realize was still in the NFL.

The joke is on the rest of the NFL because Jameis is being paid 7-figures for a Harvard education: