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Dennis Rodman's Son Says He Knew Everything About His Dad ... Except The Vegas Trip And He Found Out About It Sunday Night On TV

That's right Dennis Rodman's son - DJ - stopping by to talk some The Last Dance. I don't know who did the interview with but it sounds like a terrible version of Chris Farley on SNL. We were just one or two 'that's awesome' away from it being a full on spoof. But we can take something from this and try to run with it, because imagine being Dennis fucking Rodman's son. Not to mention DJ is a Division I player - he played his freshman year this past season at Washington State. 

I'd be way more interested though in hearing what he thought about Carmen Electra being there. I don't give a shit that he found out his dad asked for a vacation. That is kind of weird that he didn't know that. If you're Dennis Rodman telling your son stories feel like you ease him into your life with that one. Seems like a decent opener vs marrying yourself or North Korea or anything like that. 

We hear shit like 'oh you'd never believe what your dad was like in his 20s' all the time. But imagine if that's the case with Rodman. No thank you. I'd be terrified to hear stories of my dad. Tough to look at Carmen Electra the same way, I'll say that. 

And if that didn't intrigue ya, fuck it. Here's a bunch of Carmen Electra stuff again. Everyone seems to love that