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What Are the Three Best Gas Station Snacks?

Boy, what an exciting topic to get to discuss. When I think of things I am uniquely qualified to speak on, the two that come to mind are unthinkable sports heartbreak and gas station snacks. And luckily, we are presented with the opportunity to take a look at the latter today.

Now, in my mind, these simply cannot necessarily be just your favorite snacks. They must have some sort of road trip appeal or reason they come to mind when you think about a gas station. For instance, I comprised my list of one savory snack, one candy and an ICEE — something which I uniquely associate with a gas station.

I believe this list gives you a perfect mix of essentials for a road trip. You get back in the car with a haul of those three items and you're good to go.

I am willing to hear some other ideas on the snacks, but I believe 1) an ICEE is an essential part of this list due not only to its deliciousness but also its gas station exclusivity and 2) my savory and sweet combo is a must. You can mix and match snacks as you like, but you need one chip-like item and one candy.

In terms of snack honorable mention, I would say Cool Ranch Doritos, Funyuns, Kit Kats and M&Ms just missed the cut for me. What makes up your list of the three best gas station snacks?