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The Kindness These Mosh-Pitters Show To A Little Kid Will Melt Your Heart

If that ain't the most adorable thing you've seen all day, then I just don't know what to tell ya! 

That's actually the perfect video to exemplify mosh pit energy, as well! I know that may sound crazy to those of you who aren't big into the live punk/metal scene or whatever, but I'm telling ya - the companionship, generosity, and just overall care that mosh pitters have for one another is insane. Unlike anything I've ever seen.

I'm not one that indulges in the pits myself (due to my small frame and pussy-like personality), but every time I'm watching one from the outskirts and see someone go down - everyone stops to make sure that person is okay and up on their feet as quickly as possible. Sometimes they'll even have a bottle of water in their cargo shorts to offer to the weakling too. It's really heartwarming shit that goes down while music about wanting to kill yourself and everyone around you is playing.

Hopefully one day this little metalhead grows up to be the next Orianthi or Nita Strauss or Lzzy Hale or something...