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Noel Gallagher Was Going Through Old CD's At His House And Found An Unheard Oasis Song From 20 Years Ago He Believed Was Lost Forever, So He's Releasing It Tonight

NME - Noel Gallagher has confirmed that he’ll release an unheard Oasis track tonight, after re-discovering the demo in a box of CDs at home.

Posting on Twitter, Gallagher announced that the new track is called ‘Don’t Stop’, and explained how he previously believed it to be “lost forever.”

Celebrities, they're just like us. Just sitting at home, waiting out the quarantine. We all drank a lot at the beginning, then moved on to pretending to work out, and now it's time to clean the apartment and de-clutter the entire thing. And Noel proved why you should go through those old boxes in the attic before you throw them away. Because he started listening to old CDs and wouldn't you know it, he stumbled upon a never before heard Oasis song that he thought had been lost forever. How incredible. 

I was thinking more about this and how cool of a feeling that must be. Writing a song is so hard. He's probably written so many songs that he doesn't even remember writing at all. And then out of nowhere he stumbled upon a recording of a song he thought had been lost forever, and got so excited he is now releasing it to the world. 

This is technically the first Oasis song being released since the band broke up in August 2009. Though it's just a demo, any new song is better than nothing. And usually when old Oasis stuff surfaces, it's awesome. So hey- go through those old boxes. You'll probably just find some POGS or Beanie Babies or notes you wrote to your high school girlfriend, but you never know, maybe you'll find something as cool as this.




PS: I'm always reminded of the old video of Liam singing Champagne Supernova for the first time, what an insane talent.

I could watch millions of minutes of recording studio footage. 

PS: Do it!