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Hockey Hair Now Has A Whole New Meaning In Quarantine

Since the dawn of time, whenever you thought about hockey hair you would think about a deliciously crispy head of lettuce. It was be a beautifully silky salad with some of the spiciest arugula known to man. Just some luscious, cascading locks of hair that would flow in the wind as you buzz down the ice. 

Now the thing about hockey hair is that it takes way more than just refusing to get a haircut for 18 months. Just because you have long hair doesn't mean that you have good hair. It takes time, it takes patience, and it takes plenty of upkeep. We're talking routine trims and plenty of product. But at the end of the day, you look like an absolute beautician like Brock "Flowseidon" Boeser. 

But with coronavirus shutting everything down and closing up barbershops all across the globe, hockey players are now left on their own to trim up their flow. And it would appear that the standard for Hockey Hair has now changed forever. 

Ohyeah, bud!

Looking like a real pumpkin-pie-hair-cutted freak. Total beaut. 

P.S. - Love this legend taping up the logo on his helmet. No free ads until that sponsorship money hits the bank account. Gotta wheel the brands as well as the bunnies.