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There's Nothing Like Cooking Over An Open Fire

Sure, you can get a great sear on a ribeye by tossing it in a cast iron pan and giving the meat a nice little butter bath. But there's nothing better than pulling a steak off and seeing those beautifully developed grill marks. I mean you might end up setting your entire deck ablaze in the process if you don't clean your grill properly and have a bunch of grease built up ready to erupt into a fireball. But at least you're going to get those grill marks. And they probably weren't on the grill long enough to get past 130 on the internal temp so we're looking at a perfect medium-rare here. Maybe a little unconventional way of getting there but the results don't lie. 

Sidenote: Honestly a pretty impressive save here by the dad. Most of these videos actually end up with the whole deck on fire because they freak out and keep the lid open trying to put out the flame themselves like a complete and total dunce.