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$15 School Lunch Challenge - 90s Edition #Mailtime

New episode of Mailtime is out today. Aliens and Nostalgia. Thats the building blocks of this show. The foundation. So today on our stroll down memory lane, we hit up the cafeteria. The most important place for a kid ages 7-12. Where you sat...what you ate...these were the things that basically determined your future. You sit in the crappy seat at the wrong table and eat some fucking GRANOLA, and guess what? You have no friends. Your life is over. You pull out some off brand, bootleg fruit snacks and everybody knows your dad is unemployed and your family is poor. Its as important as what your clothes looked like. What model and make bike you had. The Elementary School Cafeteria is make or break.

So your choices from the lunch ladies or the brown bag speaks volumes about you as a person. Salty or sweet? Hot or cold? Buy from school or bring from home? Build your own and lets see what kind of person you are. Tweet at @MailtimeShow with your selections. Theres a TON of value on the board. A lot of $2 and $1 classics to give you some flexibility to pick a lot of items. Tons of great combos. What do ya got?

Also on todays Mailtime, motherfuckin ALIENS. Listen here: