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GREAT NEWS FOR SPORTS - Dr. Fauci Says, "Mass Testing Should Be Available Late May, Early June"

"Everyone who needs a test, according to the way we're approaching the identification, isolation, contact tracing — keeping the country safe and healthy. Hopefully, we should see that as we get toward the end of May, the beginning of June. Jake, that's what I'm being told by the people who are responsible for the testing. I take them for their word. If that doesn't happen, I'm going to go to them and say, 'What happened here? Why didn't it happen and how can we fix it?" - Dr. Fauci to CNN

This is exactly the kind of news myself and sports fans across the country want to hear, as the answer to "when will we have sports back?" DIRECTLY coincides with when we have mass testing available for the public. It's very simple - so long as players, staff and other employees can get tested as regularly as health experts see fit without "stealing" tests from the general public, it should be safe enough to start playing. Bingo bango

I spoke with someone last night and he said, "Front offices are beginning to reach out to players and have said an abbreviated spring training (most likely 3 weeks) is gaining traction and they should have a concrete plan sooner than later."  It's a safe assumption that there is a direct correlation between more concrete report date plans being set and the government finally getting their heads out of their asses and providing the country readily available tests. 

Now with respect to baseball - assuming June 1st as a round number for testing to be readily available, that would mean the league would have to give a ~2 week notice to players on a report date, then give them at least 3 weeks of a "spring" training to get back into baseball shape.  That would put the season start date right around July 1st as feasible, and I think every baseball fan on the planet would sign off on that if it meant baseball won't get pushed back any further.

There's just a little more clarity with every passing day. VERY good news. Everyone wants baseball back and MLB is working in conjunction with the CDC to make that happen