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#Pickem Build the Perfect School Lunch Via @MailtimeShow

Thanks to Mailtime for feeding my #pickem addiction. They also know that I can stop whenever I want. I just choose to keep picking. Just so we're clear.

Build the Perfect School Lunch

Chicken Patty $2 (Remaining: $13)

The pizza is tempting. It's done more for me and my family than I care to share publicly. But the slice in this particular graphic looks horrible and I can't roll that kind of dice. Even bad pizza is still ok, but with better value on the board?? I assume this chicken patty comes with a bun of some sort unless KFC grew up in a fucking zoo. Our school had three patty rotation: traditional, spicy, and Chic-Fil-A. And you never knew what kind it was until it was game time. The CFA was the best, of course, and the traditional was the worst. But even the traditional was pretty good. School lunch is about the sides. I want more money to blow there.

Scooby Snacks $3 (Remaining: $10)

More great value, Scoob! The gushers are clearly the top choice here, but Scooby Snacks for $3 is a steal. The green bus gummy? The blue Scoob? Good money. I'm tempted to double up here but I'm chilling. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Cosmic Brownie $4 (Remaining: $6)

I'll be completely honest here: I would have paid up to $12 for a cosmic brownie in this situation. And the cosmic cupcakes they ran for a bit? Forget about it. Take all my $15. As is, I've got a talented lunch tray here and still a lot of money on the board. I'm in the catbird seat as literally only my father some would say.

Cheese Balls $2 (Remaining: $4)

Again, I'm doing some assuming here because I think we're referring to like the Cheetos/cheese puff balls and not like a cheese ball that your Aunt Gladys would bring to Christmas dinner. There's a stunning lack of chip options here so I'll go with the safe bet of cheese balls. I can always hold onto this asset or look to move them to someone looking to overpay. 

Capri Sun $4 (Remaining: $0)

The best drink here is the Kool-Aid bursts. The problem is that there is somehow only 1.5 oz of liquid in each drink. No drink in my lifetime has given you less liquid-per-bottle than a Kool-Aid burst. You remember how a little of the juice would be at the top of the twist-off cap and you would drink that too? Good times. I go with Capri Sun because Surfer Cooler has never let me down. Just enough juice in each pouch to leave you satisfied. Fruit Punch, Wild Cherry, and Strawberry Kiwi are also good money. Would pay substantial dollars for alcoholic drinks with Capri Sun bases.

Chicken Patty-Scooby Snacks-Cosmic Brownie-Cheese Balls- Capri Sun

Build your perfect lunch.