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Get Today Started By Watching Everything Wrong With The Rise Of Skywalker

Before you click Play, make sure you have your coffee topped off because this movie committed more sins in 3 hours than the Mos Eisley cantina commits in 3 days. I'm not just talking about the main part of the cantina where people lose limbs and lives on a daily basis. I'm talking about the parts of the cantina that were really full of scum and villainy. The drug dealing bouncers, cooks in the kitchen engaged in the underground Imperial sex trade, and of course the bathroom full of hookers and glory holes. A movie so meh it united people who loved The Last Jedi and who hated The Last Jedi in being bummed that the Skywalker Saga ended with a more uneven ride than a typical Millennium Falcon flight pattern.

If you want to get the meh taste of The Rise Of Skywalker out of your mouth, check out the correct way to wrap up a Star Wars trilogy by watching myself, Jeff D. Lowe, Ken Jack, Robbie, Kate, and Joey rewatch Return Of The Jedi.