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The Governor of Kentucky Apologizes To Kentucky Resident Tupac Shakur For Not Sending Him Unemployment Checks

I've been pretending I'm an optimist lately (thinking maybe if I fake it long enough it will catch on) so optimist Keith is here and watching this video, and I can forget for a second how much politics SUCK. How all it causes are arguments and mean comments online. Nope, I'm grateful for the world of politics, at least for today. I am thankful for Governor Beshear, who had to call a press conference, stand up at a podium in front of an American flag in the State Capitol building, and issue an official apology to some random dude in Kentucky for not sending him a check because he thought his name was a prank because this is Kentucky and let's be honest, not a whole lot of "Tupac Shakur"s around Kentucky. 

Now I'm eagerly awaiting this happening all over again when 2Pac finally emerges from New Mexico and wants HIS check.