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MLB Needs To Make These New Proposed Divisions A Permanent Thing

I didn't read the full report or sit in on any recent press conference. I'm literally working with as much information as you in this blog and that includes Randy Marsh making a mess. It's called shooting from the hip and yes it feels good as we consume the 48th new MLB proposal in the last 6 calendar weeks. Months ago we were ready to murder Manfred in a public riot for being a brain dead -moron and now everyone's sucking his dick for the aggressive plans to get baseball back on TV. Make up your minds already.

In the meantime I'll be over here beating it to the idea of playing division games against the White Sox. Holy fucking mother of god would I love that action in White Sox Dave's face even with the clubs trending in opposite directions. Then mix in the cupcake Royals and Tigers and I have an argument that the Cubs' fan experience just got immensely better. Although to be fair I wouldn't mind playing the Brewers 162 times at the their place in the road grays. The only way to shut those pussy fans up would be to burry them 100-62 which is in the cards because this is my blog and we're in my reality. Deal with it. 

Here's some other phenomenal adjustments. 

- The East became the biggest meat grinder in professional sports. The winner of that division should get a trophy in equivalent size and mass to that of the Commissioner's Trophy and that's coming from someone who traditionally underrates trophies 

- The A's still remain the coolest brand on the West Coast while the Rockies proceed to lose every series they play from here until Denver becomes the capital of the world through nuclear warfare 

- The East Coast nightlife is insane. Toronto, Miami, NYC, Tampa strip clubs and sight-seeing in DC & Philly? I'm hard

- Mike Trout hits .450 because there's gonna be some double headers and he gets real hot in the afternoon

- Regionalizing gameplay would make for significantly better storylines and if we're going to bitch about growing the game then I think first order of business would be introducing more fireworks and this does exactly that

Am I wrong? Tell my why my opinion sucks in the comment section below.