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The BBC Makes a Reporter Take Down Her Parody Sex Video Intended to Raise Money for Charity

Daily Mail - A clip of a BBC correspondent appearing in a spoof sex scene to raise money for the NHS has been removed after bosses branded it inappropriate. 

BBC Ireland correspondent Emma Vardy filmed the clip with her amateur footballer boyfriend Aaron Adams as part of a parody of Queen classic I Want to Break Free. 

The sex scene was one of the segments in a video made by Mr Adams and friends from his team to raise money for NHS Charities Together's Covid-19 appeal. 

Ms Vardy, 39, is filmed beneath Mr Adams and signs 'I want to be free' before the video cuts to another of the football players. 

But the skit didn't go down well inside the BBC - as the top brass failed to see the funny side and sent out an email to newsrooms reminding employees about social media use and editorial guidelines. ...

The video makers set a target of raising £500 for NHS front line workers, and as of 5pm on Monday, April 27 they had £300 pledged despite having to tone it down and removed Ms Vardy.

A BBC spokesperson said: 'This was intended to be light-hearted, but Emma accepts it was inappropriate and has removed the clip.' ...

Ms Vardy ... has previously won the Political Studies Association Journalist of the Year and has won a prestigious Royal Television Award (RTA). ...

According to his Twitter profile, @Mr_Bumcheeks, boyfriend Mr Adams lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Lighten up, Francis. Jeez, I've seen enough Monty Python my entire life to know the BBC is run by a bunch of uptight, upper-crust twits. But if ever there was a time for relaxing the rules a little bit, this is it. 

You can't make all your Irish subjects watch "Downton Abbey" and "The Great British Baking Show." They need a little something else to get them through this. And an award-winning journalist pretending to get boned by Mr. Bumcheeks to Queen music sounds exactly like what they need right now. Never mind them, it's what we all need right now. Even in the States, a place that was colonized by people with an even bigger stick up their asses than the British crown. I think we are all entitled to see Emma Vardy having simulated, comedic, sex.

A video like that could put the "fun" into fundraising. And make a fortune for a worthy cause. Here's hoping public pressure forces some sense into these bureaucrats because we need all the parody sex tapes we can get.