Recommended: Greta Van Fleet - Edge Of Darkness (Live At Rebel Nightclub 2018)

This is one of my favorite go-to live performances in recent years, because, well - THAT GUITAR SOLO! C'MON!

I know people have their gripes about Greta Ven Fleet sounding too much like Led Zeppelin, but I've never given a shit and don't think I ever will. I've seen 'em live twice now was absolutely blown away both times. I love both their EP and debut record. I've spun 'em countless times. Plus, if you're gonna be compared to anybody - at least it's the greatest rock n' roll band ever - but I digress. Back to this performance!

There's like twelve times in this solo where you think he's about to wrap it up and that mothafucka just keeps on going! It's ridiculous! So please enjoy!