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Happy Birthday To The Ageless Jessica Alba!

Happy 39th birthday to Jessica Alba! 

I don't know how she does it (maybe her Honest products really do work!), but no way in hell did I think she was a year shy of 40. 40! Remember you were little (or maybe you're there now) and 39 sounded really old? Like your parents weren't even 39 and they were old, so 39 was basically ancient?

Not Jessica Alba's 39. 

She legitimately does not look a single day older than she did 10 years ago at 29...

Or 15 years ago at 24...

Or 21 years ago at 18...

I'd argue she looks better! Better, and thanks to her development of The Honest Company, much, much richer. 

At 39-years-old, she's only getting started because you know her entrepreneurial ass just won't quit!
(Circa 4 years at 35...)