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Russian Woman Is Fed Up With Modern Man Who Has No Idea How To "Kill Bear" Or "Make Fire"

There's something I love about a Russian accent, especially from a female. I'm having a hard time trying to describe exactly what it is, but I do know I am captivated by it. I'd go to war behind a general named Anastasia with this accent. They say, I do. 

As I watched this video, I was shaking my head along. That's right, I said. Men do not know how to act these days! We do not know how to make fire nor how to kill bear. 

Then it hit me. This is probably a discussion about me. I'm one of the people that Olga (amazing name) is talking about. Sure, I have a job, but to her? Mother Olga? Comedian from Mother Russia? I'm weak man. I write blogs behind a computer screen all day. I am weak. I can't change a tire on the side of the road. I call Triple A. I don't even make fire!!!!